Ruby On Rails Hands-On

offered by Boulder Digital Arts



We’ve left the era of web pages and are now squarely in the age of web applications. Whenever you check your Gmail, send a tweet, or buy something on Amazon, you’re using a software application that happens to live on the web.

Ruby on Rails is a framework that makes creating these types of applications easy. With enough determination, anyone can build and launch their own web application using Rails’ easy and mature tooling.

In this three day class you’ll get a deep understanding of the components that make up a modern web application. We’ll cover the concepts of REST and MVC and create a full application in minutes yes, minutes using Rails scaffolding. We’ll then learn how to tune each component of the application stack, and extend this functionality with ruby gems. Finally, we’ll learn how to deploy an application to the wider Internet.

Day 1: Learning objectives: How web apps work, understanding the different components of a Rails app, tracing a web request through the whole Rails stack

Day 2: Learning objectives: Creating an app from scratch, asset pipeline, working with gems, deploying, authentication

Homework: Between day one and three you should prepare a short presentation on assigned topic. Also, research and implement authentication in a sample app.

Day 3: Learning objectives: Creating a full blog application, preview of advanced topics for further learning.

Who Should Take This:
You should have familiarity with HTML and basic CSS. Participants who are new to programming should go through the following Ruby exercises on CodeAcademy (all together this should only take around 40 minutes):
1. Introduction to Ruby
3. Control Flow in Ruby
5. Loops and Iterators
7. Data Structures
9. Methods, Blocks, and Sorting