Sales & Business Development

offered by GrowthX Academy



Students will apply the Academy’s techniques and philosophies directly at actual companies, in a rigorous and exciting environment, making connections as well as generating opportunities to develop long-term professional friendships. You’ll be able to point to your successes, illustrating the impact your personal efforts have had in a tech company’s success.

Real Projects with Real Companies: Work directly with companies to identify, build and execute go-to-market strategies.
Career Planning & Personal Development: Work closely with GrowthX Academy instructors to ensure you’re making progress and getting the most out of the program. You’ll be challenged and guided by your instructor and peers to grow personally and professionally in an environment that values feedback and humility.
Practical Know-How in a Rigorous Setting: Learn first-hand from those who have successfully built and sold companies. Sessions will consist not only of concept introduction and review but healthy discussion and debate, enabling you to fully engage with the ideas and information being shared with you.