Software Engineering Immersive Bootcamp (Full-time)

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Course Description
Accelerate is Hong Kong’s most accessible way to learn coding with our deferred tuition track that aligns our success with yours, meaning you only pay tuition after you get hired.

Our full-time immersive is designed for students with a burning desire to learn the most relevant coding languages and frameworks in the software development industry. At the end of the course, you can expect to be able to build impressive, portfolio-ready projects that will demonstrate your ability to add value to your next job as a full-stack web developer.

Learning how to code is powerful
This 16-week, in-person bootcamp is for those who are committed to having tangible, job-ready skills upon graduation. Whether you want to kickstart a career as a software developer or enhance your current career path with tech fluency, this “learn by living it” method will have you prepared.

No matter how you want to use your new skill, you will have developed a new way to think and solve problems.

Learn it by living it: 1000+ hours of coding

The Accelerate Curriculum is designed to be approached by various experience levels, whether you are new to coding or have some prior experience there is so much to learn. If you are accepted, we’ll send you pre-course materials so you can prepare for your first week; this is where your journey begins.

From your first day of class onwards, you will learn and apply at the same time, with many lessons leading to a new project to upload to your portfolio.

While many Computer Science majors claim to spend much of their time engulfed in theory and self-study practitioners struggling between time and subject management, your 1,000 hours with Accelerate will be spent on effective practical learning.