Software/Web Development Foundation Course

offered by iKompass

Over 6 days in the classroom, participants will get a solid exposure to modern software development practices through hands-on coding. This would give participants valuable insight into how IT teams build complex software.

The 6 days software/web development foundation course equips students with the required knowledge to steer IT decisions in the right direction and embrace the latest in software development.

The overall course is 6 days in the classroom and 3 weeks online. This course is structured for those with no prior coding experience and includes all elements of web application development including front-end, back-end, and databases. Upon completion, students will receive a ITPACS Certified Associate in Web Development – Microservices.

Students will learn Python, Docker, Javascript and React, Micro services, Test driven development, Token-based authentication, NoSQL persistence, Cloud deployment, Containers, RESTFul, Distributed processing, big data, API’s with JSON, Agile Project Management, and more.