UI/UX Design Career Track

offered by Springboard



Springboard’s UX Design course is an introductory online course for learning UX Design. The objective of the course is to emphasize learning by doing and help you build a portfolio as you learn. We also interleave industry insights with learning material for wider context and awareness.

When you enroll in this course, you will get –
1. You will get a high-quality online curriculum, which contains the best UX learning resources handpicked from the web and structured into a logical curriculum by an experienced UX Designer.
2. A Student Advisor will talk with you about your learning objectives and preferences for a mentor, and find the best 1-1 mentor match accordingly. They will support you throughout the course.
3. As you work through the curriculum and projects at your own pace, you will have 1-1 video calls with your mentor every week. You can ask them questions about the curriculum, get project feedback or career advice.
4. In addition to your weekly mentor calls, you’ll have access to weekly live Office Hours and an exclusive community of mentors and students for discussions with the broader community.
5. Once you finish the course material and submit the Capstone Project, you will get a Certificate of Completion.

This course is suitable for –
a) anyone who wants to transition into a career in UX
b) anyone who works with UX/UI Designers and wants to understand their work better