UI/UX Design (SLC)

offered by Helio Training Bootcamp



User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX) designers are increasingly needed on all development teams. They don’t just know how to use the tools of digital design and development, they understand the underlying principles of design and user experience. They understand the theory behind social design, usability, interaction, and know how to implement designs using modern tools and software. The UI/UX designer is user-centered and adds value to an organization by designing experiences that users want. They conduct research and produce useful personas, scenarios, and design sketches. They prototype and iterate designs until they produce user interfaces and interactions that are worthy of placement in their professional portfolio. The modern UI/UX developer knows how to achieve great results using Photoshop, Illustrator, CSS, and Sketch. The skills you will gain from this course will help you advance your career in UI/UX and make you an invaluable member of modern development team.

Technologies Learned:
 Photoshop
 Illustrator
 User Research and Personas
 Bootstrap and Frameworks
 FlexBox
 Sketch
 Apple UI Principles
Material Design