UX Academy

offered by Designlab

UX Academy is an intensive online design program catered towards career-switchers looking to get their first UX/UI/product design role. You’ll complete over 480 hours of coursework, develop a portfolio, and hone your skills through 1-on-1 mentorship, peer Group Critiques, and Career Services.

The program is broken into 2 main phases.

Phase 1 is devoted to skills building, through a series of 40-60 hour modules that cover the UX design process (topics like User Research, Interaction Design, Prototyping & Testing, UI Design, and more). In Phase 1 you will go through lessons (readings and videos) followed by projects. In total, you’ll do 30-40 short projects in the first phase of the course (each module contains many hands-on exercises to help you build skills).

Phase 2 is focused on portfolio-building, through in-depth capstone projects that you work on. You will work on 2-3 in-depth capstone projects in this portion of the course — end-to-end design projects that help you build on the foundation you developed in Phase 1. You’ll create portfolio deliverables, write case studies, and put it all together with your own online portfolio. We’ll also focus on getting prepared for the next steps: creating a cover letter and resume, cleaning up your online presences, and putting together an action plan for your job search.

Once this core coursework is over, we’ll begin the next stage of the journey: your job search.

We’ll pair you up with your own Career Coach, who will work with you to see where you are in the process — beginning with a skills assessment and a review of your portfolio and job search plan. After this session, your Coach will provide tailored coaching and mentorship each step of the way to help you succeed (additional curriculum to build skills, feedback on portfolios and cover letters, practice interviews and critique, negotiation help, and more).