UX Design

offered by GrowthX Academy



The UX Design Track at GrowthX Academy is a fully-immersive, in-person learning environment. You will interact with peers, instructors, mentors, and companies frequently. Our goal for you is to come out of the program ready to take on the world as a UX Designer. Maybe you want to be the UX lead at a startup, or are ready to be immersed as a new member of a group in an enterprise UX team. In the UX Design Track at GrowthX Academy, we focus on the mindset of how to think about problems and the framework for solving them using a solid design process.

We have a community of peers, instructors, staff, and companies that will support and encourage you along your path to your first job and the rest of your career. Students will apply the Academy’s techniques and philosophies directly at real companies, in a rigorous and exciting environment, making connections as well as generating opportunities to develop long-term professional relationships. You’ll be able to point to your successes, illustrating the impact your personal efforts have had in a tech firm’s success.