UX Design

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Learn how to understand the user journey and acquire tools to transform your ideas, design an MVP and execute Agile sprints in a real work environment. You will receive practical, actionable skills that will be transferrable upon course completion, whether you’re an entrepreneur, intrapreneur, or career changer.

The course will touch upon the fundamentals of User Experience, the ever important architectural makeup of digital products that can make or break your key metrics. Done right, a user can become deeply engaged with your product, evangelize your brand and continue to bring you business. Conversely, a careless UX may lead to a frustrating lack of results as digital users have come to expect high-quality experiences by 2017.

You will learnt to define your users and get inside of their mind, find out what makes them tick and learn the ever important art of building a structurally beautiful digital platform. A good UX professional knows their way around the proper tools, and you will also be introduced to the most cutting-edge tools available today.

It’s time you ride the wave of digital products, and this course is your surfboard.