UX UI Design Bootcamp

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This 9 week full-time course is catered to professionals with experience working on digital projects. Students will learn the fundamentals of User Centered Design and learn to validate ideas going through the design process starting with Design Research, Rapid Prototyping, Lean UX, Business Design, Architecture Information, Wireframing, UI Design and ending with User Testing & Iteration.

UX / UI BOOTCAMP is a highly intensive experience, the learning-by-doing methodology is taken to the next level, students work as a team to launch a project from scratch in a situation of high uncertainty. In the last week our students will be tested in a true DESIGN SPRINT.

DESIGN SPRINT SERIES is a specialization program in Google’s Design Sprint methodology, designed to give students the ability to work with complex and unfamiliar projects easily. In just five days, we work on the complete process, understand, diverge, decide, prototype and test with real users with the intention of validating our ideas quickly.

Finally, our students will participate in the Hiring Week, where they can prepare their portfolio, expand their contacts and know companies where they could work.