UX / UI Design Part time

offered by AllWomen

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A course for women curious about the field of User Experience, who want to know about buzzwords like Design Thinking. People come to UX – UI Design from all kinds of different fields, from journalism to software development, and they all bring unique expertise for a different UX competency. With allWomen, our students learn a mindset that will change how they approach problem-solving and streamline their creative process. A course by women, for women ready to push their creative self and willing to become a UX designer.

< Designed to fit your schedule: 10 weeks part-time >
< 100 hours of in person lectures and practice >
< Elite female instructors >
< 100% hands-on >
< Women-only-environment >
< Careers and mentorship >
< A network of kick-ass women ready to support and celebrate each other >