UX/UI Design

offered by Bethel School of Technology



01 Design Thinking and Structures
Basics of design principles, user empathy, and testing product hypothesis.

02 Research Methods
Overview of user research methods including quantitative, qualitative, and competitive analysis.

03 Ideation and Strategy
Discovery and development of ideation techniques, user stories, sitemaps, card sorting, and brand strategy.

04 Research Demonstration
Concepts of empathy maps, user personals, journey maps, and data analysis.

05 Coding Structures
Basics of HTML, CSS, and Javascript and Source Control.

06 Front-end Theories and Practices
Advanced concepts of HTML, CSS, and Javascript

07 Interaction Design and Prototypins
Lab environment where students develop competency in design tools, sketching screens, wireframes, grid layouts UI patterns and libraries. Key concepts of rapid prototyping, creating a prototype with a tool like Sketch or Adobe XD.

08 Presentations, Pitches, and Proposals
Building case studies, design presentations, processes and Client Projects. Develop a portfolio platform, personal brand, resumes, and social media content for hiring and the digital marketplace.

09 Capstone Design
Presentation of individual and client projects upon graduation.

10 Bethel Kingdom Core Foundations
Identity, Intimacy, Supernatural Living, Kingdom Culture, Relationships, Bible, Leadership, and Honor.