Video Editing & Motion Graphics In-Depth Intensive

offered by Boulder Digital Arts



In this In-Depth Intensive you will learn how to edit and tell a story using Adobe Premiere Pro CC, use After Effects CC to create motion graphics and titles and use Adobe’s Dynamic Linking to make the most efficient workflow possible. Lastly we’ll look at using Adobe’s Media Encoder to create digital masters and web ready versions of your work.

You’ll not only learn the basics of editing but also examine the process of story telling so you’ll know not just how, but why you should make a cut. In the later courses we’ll cover color correction and sound mixing to make your videos look and sound the best the possibly can.

To really make your videos stand apart from the crowd we’ll cover round trip workflow with After Effects CC to add dynamic and engaging motion graphics and titles. By using dynamic linking we can do all of this without any extra rendering or exporting.

We go in depth into finding the right compression setting using Media Encoder to get you the right balance of file size vs quality. So your digital videos always look good no matter where they are playing.