VR Development with Unity Night Course

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What it is:
The VR Night Course is a 10-week part-time course designed to teach you the fundamentals of building a virtual reality experience using the Unity game engine. It also provides the flexibility to focus on your particular VR interest and motive, so you maximize your time and learn as efficiently as possible.
Throughout the course, we hear about the main players in the virtual reality industry, discuss major trends, cover the fundamentals of Unity, and learn about different techniques in development, such as lighting, audio, terrain, animation, locomotion, interaction, architecture, AI, and optimization.

Who this is for:
This program is for Designers, Programmers, Artists, Hobbyists, Business Professionals, Entrepreneurs, and general life-long learners. We can cater to such a diverse crowd because of the structure of the curriculum: foundational learning and personal research.

Our Philosophy:
At Upload, we believe education is a journey. It is a process of overcoming challenges and moving closer to your goal, regardless of your motives and background, one step at a time.
We are here to expedite that process. Our world-class curriculum will take you from an absolute beginner to a proficient VR developer in 10 weeks.