Web Design Concepts and Development

offered by Goodwin College Scale Academy

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Working towards a cumulative final project, students will build upon their project from knowledge learned in class each week. Using various components of front-end web development (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript), students should be able to build a basic, yet unique and dynamic website that will gather content from the API of their favorite site (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.). Once fundamentals are taught, students will also learn various trends in web development (such as the use of CSS and JavaScript libraries). Students will learn how web designers/developers tackle situations in the modern and professional world, therefore, the “lecture” will be primarily lab based.

Through the completion of labs, the class will provide a “crash course” style of learning. By laying down various fundamentals, a student should be able to get a broad view of front-end web development in a professional setting. A student will be expected to learn how to reach beyond the lessons of the class and be comfortable researching/learning new technologies, as the field is ever changing. The lessons learned in each area should be a platform on which for them to grow. By the end of the 10 weeks, students should have a strong familiarity with HTML and CSS, and a cursory understanding of Javascript/jQuery. They should also have an understanding of general data handling in the form of JSON and APIs.

Additional Details

Part-time, evening program
10-week course
Web design training in Philadelphia taught on-site at Drexel’s University City campus
Learn from working coding professionals
Student must provide own laptop
Final project required to complete course