Web Dev Camp

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Full stack web development course, while living in the beautiful finnish nature

We teach by focusing on the basics and lots of hands on guided work.
The course is grouped around the topics:
– Programming (object oriented concepts, concurrency, data structures and other languages)
– HTML5 ( Basic box model, dynamic generation, DOM, client applications)
– CSS3 ( Basics, Semantic css, Frameworks, breakpoints)
– Development (Roles, git, os model, communication)
– Databases (Object table model , searching, associations, NoSQL)
– Testing ( TDD, Continuous testing, frameworks, client testing)

The course is structured in four 2 week modules:
– Introduction to the topics
– Communication about the topics
– Presenting some topics
– Own project

More than teaching topics and knowledge we encourage students to find and build on their own strengths.

Accommodation and food is included in a relaxing environment, which makes learning very effective.