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In the Web Developer program, students are offered a wide array of fundamental and in-depth training on front-end web development, as well as the fundamentals of back end development. Students learn how to write effective front-end programs, which interact with servers and load asynchronously. Students will also learn to design and implement graphical interfaces which follow best practices of UX design and are mobile friendly. The back-end experience will include an introduction to common design patterns.

Training Objective: To build an understanding of designing, creating, and maintaining websites through different programming languages.

Technologies Covered: HTML5, CSS#, Bootstrap, Material Design, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, Font Awesome, Firebase, Web Components, Node.JS, Express.JS, session and cookie management, Agile/scrum, php, laravel, ImpactJS game development, Mobile apps with PhoneGap and Git.

Courses include:

WEB1000 Basic Front-End Programming (JavaScript, HTML5, CSS)
WEB1100 Basic Front-End Programming II
COP1000 Problem Solving
WEB2000 Intermediate Front-End Structure
WEB2020 Intermediate Styling Techniques
WEB2040 SQL Databases
WEB2900 Modern MV* Front End Frameworks
WEB2910 Modern MV* Back End Frameworks
ROR1000 Fundamentals of PHP Development
WEB3000 Agile and TDD (QA/Test)
CAP2000 Capstone Project II