Web Developer

offered by Practicum by Yandex



Web developers can do the same things as front-end developers but are also well-versed in how complex websites with databases work.

You will master the skills required to become a web developer and build a portfolio of projects during the 9 months, 10 hour per week training course. Projects you will work on:

– Single-page Website. You will create a landing — a single-page website that usually contains a breakdown of a product. A landing page is the simplest and most popular type of website. This is why every developer absolutely must know how to make one.

– Music Web App. You’ll write an application in JavaScript. The app is for customizing playlists that detect a user’s geographic coordinates. The browser requests a user’s GPS location and then plays the pre-compiled playlist on Yandex.Music that was specifically created for that particular area.

– Dynamic Website. Every popular website today is dynamic. Their key feature of such websites is that information on them gets continuously updated.

You will Study in our Exclusive Technological Environment
Full immersion in the IT profession means you will have to complete hands-on projects, keep in touch with your mentor and maintain ongoing contact with the new technologies you study. That’s why we created our own exclusive technological environment.