Web Developer

offered by Code Platoon

The skills taught by Code Platoon (CP) revolve around getting a job as a junior or intern-level software engineer. For the 2019 cohorts, there will be two tracks offered: one in Ruby and Javascript and the other in Python and Javascript.

Python and Javascript Track (5 Modules)

Module 1 (Weeks 1-4): Computer science / programming fundamentals
This includes algorithm scripting, version control, data types and structures (variables, booleans, integers, strings, objects, operators, loops, etc.). This also includes covering object-oriented programming, inheritance, polymorphism, database persistence, SQL, and data modeling an application. The languages to be covered in these weeks are Python, Javascript, and PostgreSQL. This module is important in building a base for students to think through problems and build the skills necessary to troubleshoot issues.

Module 2 (Weeks 5-6): The World Wide Web
This module includes the foundations of how content on the Internet and on web pages is created. It covers HTML/CSS/Javascript as it pertains to a webpage. The module also covers how data is sent over the internet and how the HTTP/HTTPS protocols for the web work. Students will write their own HTTP server by the end of this module. This module is important because the world of software engineering and especially web development calls for engineers to have an understanding of how their code will impact the larger web ecosystem.

Module 3 (Week 7): Data Science
Data science is an increasingly popular sector of technology, powering Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Using industry-recognized Python libraries including NumPy, Pandas, Jupyter Notebook, and publically available datasets, students will learn the basics of data science and be able to get a leg up in their junior developer interviews.

Module 4 (Weeks 8-10): Amazon Web Services
Amazon Web Services (AWS) is cloud-based hosting for modern technology companies. These companies generally look for people certified in AWS technologies to get their product online. Code Platoon has been accepted as an AWS Academy – an organization that Amazon has vetted with their curriculum. Students will be trained to take and hopefully pass the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam, receiving an industry recognized certification.

Module 5 (Weeks 11-14): Creating Applications
This module will teach students how to create modern-day web applications, including database design and integration, web routing, and the Model View Controller framework through a Python framework called Django. They will learn to integrate the ReactJS framework on top of their Django application and deploy that using Amazon Web Services technologies. This is the most important module as it is where students learn the skills that employers will expect them to have on the first day of the job and they will see how all the skills that they have learned in the first 4 modules come together to build a full application.