Web Development Diploma

offered by BrainStation

The BrainStation Web Development Full-Time program introduces you to all of the skills and technologies required to produce a modern web application. The 10 week program focuses on project-based learning, creating an environment where students spend the majority of the time working on projects and assignments.

Over the duration of the course you will learn how to build a complete software solution for the modern web through iterative lessons and labs that build on each other. The program is taught in one programming language, JavaScript, utilizing the NodeJS runtime, to help you develop a firm grasp of programming concepts. You will also be introduced to ReactJS for building dynamic client side User Interfaces, and JavaScript based ORM’s for database management. The goal is to empower you to become full-stack Web Developer with an in-depth understand of how software for the web is built. Along the way you will also be introduced to the fundamentals of computing and auxiliary topics covering modern technology discussions challenging our current world.

Prepare for a career as a Web Developer

Build Your Portfolio
As part of the program, you will build an impressive portfolio of completed projects, showcasing the skills you have developed.

Prepare for Interviews
To get you ready for the interview process, you will be interviewed by a Hiring Manager and a UX/UI Designer, and provided with feedback.

Gain Industry Insights
You will have the chance to build meaningful connections, with visits to local tech companies, and complimentary access to meetups, networking events, and career fairs.