Web Development with Python

offered by DaVinci Coders

Web Development with Python provides students an intensive 20-week introduction to the Python programming language, SQL databases, and the Django web development framework.

Designed for problem solvers without any programming experience, it covers both front and back end development, and the many industry tools junior developers use on a daily basis. Students in this course have a unique opportunity to discover how all the pieces fit together.

As part of the course, each student will build their own database driven web application that they deploy to a cloud-based server. They will learn to automate the many aspects of a development cycle so they can focus on solving problems and writing code.

In addition to writing code, students will learn to communicate their programming ideas. Students are expected to write about the problems they encounter during the course, and the discoveries they make in solving them. They will be encouraged to research topics that interest them, and present these discoveries to their fellow classmates.

Students will also code in pairs and groups, a practice that produces higher quality code and deeper understanding of programming design.