Web Development with Ruby on Rails

offered by DaVinci Coders

Back-end web development with Ruby on Rails offers students an all-immersive course of study in dealing with the Ruby on Rails framework and associated technologies. The Rails framework will provide the opportunities needed to be better prepared for a career in software development, and the tools that industry professionals use to accomplish their task. Students will also develop and practice the communication and teamwork skills necessary to work in the tech industry.

Students will be expected to participate in pair-programming with other students in the class, frequently blog about their experience, as well as present their final projects based on the topics covered throughout the class. There will be online reading assignments, screencasts (as needed), in addition to daily knowledge Q&A sessions. At the end of class, students will have the opportunity to participate in instructor-led mock interviews to better articulate their new programming skills in a professional interview setting.

Students in this class should expect to spend 20-40 hours outside of class each week doing homework and practicing the skills taught during class. Each class is recorded for further review of the classroom content. This allows students to practice skills learned via repetition