WebDev Boot Camp

offered by Coder Space

Designed to accelerate your career into a software developer role, our 13-week boot camp will give you the skills and knowledge you need as well as giving you the opportunity to get stuck into building a clone of Instagram or Twitter so you have true hands on technical experience. We will also teach you how to get through your interview and start your future as a developer.

Phase 1: Front end & Test-Driven Development (Weeks 1 – 3) – From discovering HTML and CSS to building your own static website, this phase provides you with the foundational knowledge that we will build upon over the coming weeks.

Phase 2: JavaScript (Weeks 4 – 6) – Building on the core knowledge we have established, you will get hands-on experience with both functional and object-orientated programming, JavaScript frameworks, as well as a look at industry-standard tools and best practices.

Phase 3: NodeJS & Databases (Weeks 7 – 9) – During this phase we will start looking at the back-end with NodeJS, SQL and NoSQL databases. We will look at how to build, deploy and scale complex web applications and build on everything you have learned so far.

Phase 4: PHP (Week 10 – 11) – Used by the likes of Facebook and Wikipedia, you will be introduced to a completely new programming language, PHP and the Lavarel framework. Here you will get the opportunity to prove that you can quickly get to grips with a new programming language and pick up the skills you need to get the job done.

Phase 5: Getting job ready (Weeks 12 – 13) – The final phase of your 13-week coding boot camp is geared towards getting you ready for your new job role once the course ends. In this phase, you will have opportunity to bring your skills and knowledge together to build a project over two weeks, as well as getting you interview ready.

Phase 6: Postgrad support (Week 13 onwards) – Once you have finished the boot camp you will still have access to our facilities and support for as long as you need it.