Best Paris Bootcamps

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  • DataScientest classes


    DataScientest is the leader in France in B2B training in Data Science. Our catalogue contains courses for 3 professions : Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Data Engineer and Machine Learning Engineer….

  • Simplon classes

    Simplon is a startup factory where we empower entrepreneur-programmers. Every 5 months, we train 24 underpriviliged smart people on web development, and help them to build web startups for social…

  • Humind School classes

    Humind School

    Humind School is a Sales & Business Development school in Paris, France. In 9 intensive weeks, students learn to master all the aspects of launching or growing a Tech B2B…

  • VIVADATA classes


    VIVADATA is an intensive and full-time 10-week AI/data science bootcamp in Paris, France. VIVADATA provides intensive training programs to teach students the fundamentals of data science with Python programming, data…

  • Wild Code School classes

    Wild Code School

    Wild Code School offers 5-month web development and data analysis training courses in 24 locations throughout Europe. The courses are designed to teach students in-demand digital skills through a blended…

  • Jedha classes


    Jedha is a bootcamp to master Data Science and develop in-demand skills. We offer two programs, the first one to learn how to extract, analyze and process data using Google…

  • La Capsule classes

    La Capsule

    La Capsule Academy is a full-time, 10-week web and mobile development bootcamp in Lyon and Paris, France. During the course, students will learn the common core of web development and…

  • Le Wagon classes

    Le Wagon

    Le Wagon is an immersive coding bootcamp with campuses in 35+ cities worldwide. The curriculum is designed to teach students the necessary skills to land a job in software development…

  • Ironhack classes


    Ironhack is a global tech school with 9 campuses worldwide, located in Miami, Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Berlin, Munich, Amsterdam, Mexico City, Lisbon, Bogotá, and São Paulo. Ironhack offers courses in…