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4Geeks Academy

4Geeks Academy offers Full-Stack Software Development training in Miami, USA; Caracas, Maracaibo, Venezuela; and Santiago, Chile. During the 16-week, part-time course, students will learn to create professional websites, web applications similar to Pinterest, AirBnB, Coursera, Slack. They will also learn to connect to Cloud API’s,HTML, CSS, Bootsrap, JavaScript, React, Flux, Python, Django, and SQL. This course is intimate (7:1 student to instructor ratio) and project-oriented, and students can expect to launch a complete website.

Upon graduation, 4Geeks Academy works closely with students to help them out getting a job after the program. Graduates will also have access to meetups, coding weekends, community gatherings, sponsored Events, and a life coaching assistance, as well as an online platform with hundreds of hours of tutorials, videos, exercises, and content for continued learning.

4Geeks Academy Courses & Classes

  • 4Geeks offers a program that will give the tools to become a software developer with the skills and portfolio required by companies and employers. Technologies include HTML, CSS, Bootsrap, JavaScript, React, Flux, Python, Django, SQL, among some others. During the next 6 weeks, you will start using JavaScript, Sass, Webpack, GIT and many others to create better websites, games and even simple web applications. Python…

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  • A part-time program with a blended methodology meant for those who need a strong education after hours. The same Syllabus, career support, coaching sessions as 4 Geeks full time course, and the same outcomes, but in a different package (part-time). Students will learn JavaScript, React, Flux, Python, Django, among some other technologies that are part of the stack (HTML, CSS, Bootstrap)

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