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Ada Developers Academy

Ada Developers Academy is a 27-week program in downtown Seattle offering a tuition-free full-time program to teach full-stack web development to women and people of non-binary gender.

The course consists of 27 weeks of in-class instruction and then up to five months of internship. Before being selected for an interview, students should expect to submit a resume, answer 5-7 questions, and complete a technical challenge. Those who make it past the interview and are accepted into Ada will enjoy free tuition, with certain scholarships available during the internship. Graduates of the intensive program will be full-stack web developers with experience in Ruby, Rails, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

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  • Ada offers a tuition-free full-time program to teach women full-stack web development. The year-long program covers all the topics you need to start a career in web development with 6 months of intensive classroom training and 6 months of internship at a Seattle-area tech company.

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