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As the most advanced software development training program in Portland, Alchemy Code Lab strives to generate real opportunity for the next generation of professional developers to drive the city’s creative future.

Alchemy Code Lab’s course offerings evolve and expand alongside innovations in software development. Because of that, students hit the ground running with the most current toolsets in the field. They collaborate with experts and organizations in Portland’s tech community, providing insider access to the industry.

Professionalism is Alchemy’s core value, and their holistic approach to teaching offers not just the ability to solve problems, but teaches students to produce quality code that can be sustained and maintained — now, and by developers down the road. The team at Alchemy lives what they teach, supporting each other in passion projects and creative endeavors.

At Alchemy Code Lab, the high in-person staff to student ratio means that students receive hands-on, as-needed mentoring. Each course is taught by an industry-experienced developer, and includes comprehensive portfolio building. Extensive professional development and job search support is built into the advanced Career Track training.

Whether you’re ready to level up or are just getting started, your experience at Alchemy Code Lab will take you further, faster.

*Alchemy Code Lab (formerly Code Fellows PDX) is a Powered by Code Fellows school.

Alchemy Code Lab Courses & Classes

  • Learn how to use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create fully-functional websites. Our instructors will introduce you to a new concept in each class session, offering insight and guidance as you practice the foundational methods and tools of professional software developers. By the end of Part One of Bootcamp, you’ll be able to: – Define the structure of a web page using the semantic hierarchical…

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  • Go beyond the basics and round out your skills as a developer. In the second half of bootcamp, you’ll study the common core of software development. With the help of professional-grade frameworks and libraries, you’ll create and launch web apps in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and collaborate on projects with your cohort. After powering through Part Two of Bootcamp, you’ll be able to: – Collaboratively…

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  • If you’re new to coding, this is the place to start. Over the course of a week, you’ll get familiar with the nuts and bolts of software development — and set the pace for our rigorous bootcamp. You will have two weeks to prep from the comfort of home (or your favorite coffee shop): – Get your computer’s operating systems set up with Atom, Terminal,…

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  • Portland’s many design agencies are adding coding talent to their teams to meet an increasing demand for mobile, web, and VR experiences. This advanced course will provide you with the technical chops of a developer who also designs beautiful user interfaces — making you that thing highly sought-after in the industry: a uniquely skilled Devsigner unicorn. On the Devsigner Track you’ll: – Hone your skills…

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  • Power the internet with full stack web applications. You’ll go in-depth with the technologies, tools, and processes needed to be a Full Stack JavaScript developer, and work collaboratively to create sustainable and maintainable apps with leading-edge front end libraries and frameworks. At the end of this course, you’ll be able to: – Work with a team to build and contribute to a server-side and client-side…

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