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Skillspire aims to contribute to diversity in the IT industry by including people of different race, gender, and socio-economic paths. Courses include Full Stack Web Development, Data Analytics and more. Making a path and connections to a career in technology more accessible, to those working full time already, at jobs that don’t offer as many pathways for advancement or to those wanting to reinvent themselves professionally. Skillspire’s vision is to bridge this opportunity divide.

Skillspire’s mission is to empower under-represented communities, women, and minorities with the most needed software skills to enable them to attain a job in the high tech sector in an accelerated time frame.

Bellevue Courses & Classes

  • Data Analytics

    • $1,499
    • 12 weeks

    Data is considered as new ‘Gold’ and Data Scientist as the new ‘Gold Miner’. Learn the skills you need for this hottest job of our time. This 12 weeks hands-on course will take you through an end to end journey in data science career. In our Data Science course you will learn an overview of the various data jobs and where data science stands, some…

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  • Full Stack Web Development

    • $2,000
    • 16 weeks

    The average salary of a full stack developer in the Seattle area is over $100K, according to Glassdoor. In this course you will learn some of the most highly marketable and in-demand skills. Learn how to build your own web applications using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JavaScript frameworks such as jQuery, Node.js, Express, and Mocha. This 16-week course will cover the following: The first half…

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