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Bethel School of Technology

Bethel Tech offers 33-week part-time, full stack web development and data science bootcamps online. Bethel Tech is powered by Woz U and web development students will learn HTML, CSS, Java, Javascript, C#, and Ruby. The data science curriculum covers Python, R, SQL, and NoSQL with MongoDB and Node.JS. The Bethel Tech school was founded by Bethel Church and their mission is to bring the kingdom-minded individuals into the tech space and train them to serve companies with the wisdom, character, and power of a superior kingdom.

Bethel Tech courses are meant for those with no prior programming experience who wish to enter the tech industry. The application process for their programs starts by filling out an online form. A member of their staff will soon follow up with questions via email or telephone. If accepted, students are given payment options that may include financing options for those who need it.

To help students manage the cost of the program, Bethel Tech has partnered with Skills Fund to offer financing solutions. After graduation, Bethel Tech offers a Coder For Life program that grants students lifetime access to all of Bethel Tech’s courses. This includes current as well as future courses in emerging technologies, and ensures all graduates are set-up for long-term success at no additional cost. Graduates are given access to a community of professional developers who are available for consulting advice, job search tools, job placement assistance, and more.

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Bethel School of Technology Courses & Classes

  • Data Science

    • weeks

    01 Basic Statistics Probability, Data Types, Common Distributions, Common Descriptive Statistics and Statistical Inference. 02 Databases Foundational knowledge of database concepts, theory, and overview of various implementations and architectures. 03 Programming Foundations Programming Foundations in a language heavily used in data science. 04 Statistical Programming Basic scripting and data manipulation commands, introduction to a vast library of functions to perform various statistical analyses. 05 Data…

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  • Full Stack Web Development

    • $15,900
    • 33 weeks

    A 33-week part-time, full stack web development bootcamp covering HTML, CSS, Java, Javascript, C#, and Ruby. The program also covers intimacy with the Lord, Supernatural Living, Kingdom Culture, Bible, Leadership, and Scripture. 01 Coding From Scratch Basics of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Source Control. 02 Front-End Foundations Advanced concepts of CSS and JavaScript. 03 Programming Foundations Basic programming concepts with choice of JavaScript, C#, or…

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  • UX/UI Design

    • weeks

    01 Design Thinking and Structures Basics of design principles, user empathy, and testing product hypothesis. 02 Research Methods Overview of user research methods including quantitative, qualitative, and competitive analysis. 03 Ideation and Strategy Discovery and development of ideation techniques, user stories, sitemaps, card sorting, and brand strategy. 04 Research Demonstration Concepts of empathy maps, user personals, journey maps, and data analysis. 05 Coding Structures Basics…

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