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Big Nerd Ranch is a mobile app development and design firm, and training company that has taught one-week intensive bootcamps since 2001. Hosted at their locations in Georgia and Northern California, courses focus on iOS and Android development, as well as front-end web development. Students live and learn at the ranch during these courses and distractions are limited, as meals and accommodations are provided.

Course instructors are best-selling authors and full-time developers who have real-world experience in building custom apps for clients, so students can be confident that they will receive quality instruction. In addition to teaching the bootcamps, instructors also teach at companies throughout the world, including Facebook, Spotify, Airbnb and more as part of their corporate training program.

At Big Nerd Ranch, students are subjected to an intensive app development course, finishing as a part of an elite corps: the few, the proud, the Nerds.

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Big Nerd Ranch Courses & Classes

  • If you’ve already mastered procedural and object-oriented programming and need a fast-paced introduction to iOS development, this course is for you. With this five-day bootcamp, you’ll be building elegant and efficient iOS apps in no time. What You’ll Learn: – Setting up text input fields on the iPhone and move the virtual keyboard onto the screen – Pulling data from a web service for use…

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  • Go beyond the fundamentals in our five-day Advanced Android course for experienced Android developers. You’ll learn how to prep your app for app store submission and the techniques that make your code stand out from the crowd. We’ll also teach you how to maintain your app and improve its performance. What You’ll Learn: – Authentication with OAuth – Handling network errors – How to choose…

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  • This 5-day class explores advanced iOS development topics and will teach you how to maximize the performance of your new and existing iOS applications. Prepare your brain for an influx of Swift and iOS programming knowledge. What You’ll Learn: – Various tools for document-based and multithreaded architecture – Create iOS extensions – Record video, process barcodes and synthesize speech using AVFoundation – Create custom animations…

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  • If your website or web app doesn’t work on smartphones, then it simply doesn’t work. More people are using mobile devices than ever before, requiring a new approach to design and development. This 5-day course teaches you how to implement responsive, mobile-friendly layouts for your website and provides a solid foundation in programming for the browser. From the first day of class, you’ll build websites…

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  • If you’re new to iOS development and want to write applications that run on the iPhone or iPad, this course is just what you need. In just seven days, we’ll have you building your first iOS application using Swift. What You’ll Learn: – The toolchains and the classes that make up the iOS UI framework – Using Core Data for data persistence – Understand application…

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