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Bogotá Bootcamp

Welcome to Bogotá Bootcamp!

In 2020 we are offering a series of night and day courses in beautiful Bogotá, Colombia!

For 10 weeks we’ll train you in web development, then help you get a job in the field. We specialize in Ruby on Rails, JavaScript and React. We are dedicated to making sure our students actually learn the material we teach. We want you to leave our Bootcamp feeling confident as a developer. Not only do we build apps, but we also learn interview problems and solutions, customize your online profiles to make you more hireable and whenever possible set you up with employers. How can we offer this price? We’re new, we have low costs in Bogotá, and our priority is you, the student. If you don’t know if we are the right Bootcamp for you, send us a message! We can always set up a call so that you can get to know us, and learn more about our course.

Students will learn web development basics like Git and Github, HTML, Ruby on Rails, Python and JavaScript. The course includes a combination of lecture, code-alongs, pair programming, and coding assignments. Students will complete two web applications and a final project to showcase new technical skills to employers. Bogotá Bootcamp also assists students with the job search by helping with updating Linkedin profiles, Github profiles, resumes, personal websites, and connecting students to recruiters.

Bogotá Bootcamp aims to offer an affordable tuition price, smaller class sizes, and a positive attitude, in a city with a lower cost of living.

Bogotá Bootcamp Courses & Classes

  • The Fullstack Intro Course is taught in Spanish. This course is designed for individuals who are just starting to learn what web development is all about. This course was created for students who are interested in programming but are not ready to make the jump. This 5-week, night course is focused on Rails and how it helps you build apps. Students will also be introduced…

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  • Bogotá Bootcamp es un bootcamp de desarrollo web de Ruby on Rails de 10 semanas a tiempo completo en Bogotá, Colombia. Los estudiantes aprenderán conceptos básicos de desarrollo web como Ruby on Rails, Javascript, CSS, Git y Github. El curso incluye una combinación de conferencias, programación en grupo, programación a parejas y tareas de programación. Los estudiantes completarán una aplicación web y un proyecto final…

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  • This is a 10-week fullstack web development bootcamp. Price of course is in COP. The syllabus is below: Week 1: Introduction and Basics -Introduction to AWS tools, students will have their own environment to work with! First we cover the uses of a console, terminal, text editor, and cloud9. -Basics: Ruby classes, variables, loops (while loops), .map, arguments, recursion, hashes, and structures. –Later in the…

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