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Cambridge Spark provides continuous professional development training for developers and data scientists, with a focus on helping individuals upskill and become more employable. Courses include intensive, part-time programs, practical Data Science Summits and regular community events on the latest tools and techniques in data science and software development, all aimed to equip individuals with the most relevant skills for industry success.

Through project-based learning, students develop a strong understanding of data science fundamentals and gain practical experience working on real-world industry sponsored problems to demonstrate their skills. Bootcamps are offered during weekends and can be completed in 6-9 months either in person, or online.

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Cambridge Spark Ltd Courses & Classes

  • Cambridge Spark offers a 6-month, part-time data science course in London. The Applied Data Science course is aligned with the requirements and feedback from data science experts and leading organisations to ensure individuals leave with the most relevant industry-relevant qualification to join a team of Data Scientists. Courses take place over 10 in-person training weekends where individuals learn through a combination of hands-on training, independent…

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