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Centriq Training is an IT technology training firm in Kansas City.
Boasting 25 years of training experience, Cintriq offers Corporate Training to current IT Professionals, Developers or Managers, as well as TechSmart KC: an accelerated, 4 month, full-time bootcamp for people interested in starting a new career in IT.

During the 4-month bootcamp, students participate in live, instructor-led classes with hands-on activities. At the end of the course, students prepare a final project to present to their peers, instructors and prospective employers.

Upon completion, TechSmart KC provides comprehensive assistance with the job . Students benefit from in-depth resume and interview training, and the Centriq placement team works with their employer network to source entry level positions for their graduates.

Over 800 different companies in Kansas City have hired Centriq grads, and almuni benefits include networking, Free Continuing Education, on-site job fairs every three months, and access to placement services.

Centriq’s Boot Camp program is approved annually by the Private Post-Secondary division of the Kansas Board of Regents.

Centriq’s Corporate Division trains more than 3,000 IT Professionals and Developers from over 500 companies each year. And, with more than 25 years of technology training experience, Centriq is offers help to advance your IT career.

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  • The Application/Web Developer (or Coding) training is based primarily on Microsoft’s enterprise .NET C# (Visual Studio) development platform which is utilized by a vast majority of Kansas City employers. However, just as the technology workplace is integrating and utilizing more and newer open source coding tools, students are also exposed to the newest technologies. Students enrolled in the program will receive all necessary courseware, a…

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