Codaisseur classes


Codaisseur offers a 11-week web development academy in Amsterdam. Their program prepares students for full-stack developer roles. In collaboration with industry professionals and employers, the Codaisseur Academy curriculum matches market demand. Courses begin with teaching foundational software development skills, then students are equipped with cutting-edge skills through participation in code reviews, quality assessments, team collaboration, and other exercises. All course materials and instruction are provided in English to best prepare students to work in an international coding environment

Codaisseur Courses & Classes

  • What you’ll learn: During this 11-week intensive program, you will learn to build complex websites and even multiplayer games with databases, APIs, and modern front-end technology. We teach you the latest and greatest technologies most senior developers have not even worked with yet – or at least not as intensively as you will. We aim for teaching you technologies, tools, and approaches that development teams…

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