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Code Belgium offers an extensive interactive Software Engineering bootcamp in which students start coding within a few weeks. Their mission is to make each student’s future secure and successful. Their goal is to provide students with both programming knowledge and practical skills.

Their instructor and founder is Mr. Vinay Bansal, a Software Engineer who has helped over hundred students to start their career in IT. Additionally, they have an expert ‘Student Support’ team which is always ready to resolve any issues students might have.


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  • This is a 9-week program where Code Belgium teaches students to code. Regardless of whether a student is a beginner or from an IT background, Code Belgium is open for all. With the help of pre-coursework, students learn the basics, so that everybody starts at the same level. After the students are thorough with the basics, Code Belgium starts their intensive bootcamp. They also provide…

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  • The course is divided into four modules. 1. Pre-Course A mentor is assigned to prepare students for the course. The pre-course helps students gain fundamental knowledge and gives them an opportunity to review the course material. This is an optional module, however it is recommended if the student does not have a technical background. 2. Learn It All All the essential topics are covered in…

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