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We believe that learning to code shouldn’t mean struggling alone, putting your life on hold, or paying a fortune. We know — over the past two years, we’ve helped train over a hundred beginners to be full-time, professional software engineers.

We’ve taken everything we know about teaching beginners and distilled it into a series of three, 100% online workshops run by expert teachers. Whether you’re looking to change careers, learn the basics, or shore up your professional knowledge, we’ve built something for you.

We have the network and the know-how to help you get hired. If you get hired through our efforts, we will reimburse you 30% of anything you spend at CodeUnion back in exchange for a referral fee paid for by the employer.

Our teachers are Jesse Farmer, co-founder of Dev Bootcamp, and John Davison, a Dev Bootcamp graduate and creator of RubyonRailsTutor.

Code Union Courses & Classes

  • We designed this workshop for busy professionals and aspiring developers who want to learn how to code, build basic web applications & prototypes, and work more effectively with engineering teams. You’ll learn the building blocks of web software, including computer networking, HTTP, object-oriented software design, database architecture, HTML & CSS, and the DOM.

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  • This workshop dives deep into the professional aspects of software development, with an emphasis on group projects, teamwork, automated testing & TDD, maintainability, and other skills one traditionally learns on the job. We’ll use Ruby and Rails as our core framework.

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  • We designed this workshop for professionals who want to dive deep into SQL, the language that powers relational databases like MySQL and PostgreSQL. We assume no prior knowledge, but be warned — we’re going deep into SQL-land! By the end, students will be able to translate product, operational, and marketing questions directly into SQL. In addition, we’ll cover the basic principles of statistics, analytics, and…

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  • This workshop covers core topics in pure computer science, with an emphasis on data structures and analysis of algorithms. You’ll learn all about lists, trees, graphs, and the algorithms associated with them. The workshop is still hands-on, so expect to be implementing these data structures and algorithms by hand. We’ll implement each structure in multiple languages, to see how different languages make it easier or…

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