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Codeasy is an online, self-paced course aimed to teach beginners C# programming in a story-telling and interactive way. Designed for absolute beginners, Codeasy is focused on helping people to write their first, second and third program without even realizing this. Students can choose from three “stories” based on their experience, and begin learning C# from day one. The course applies the approach of clear and short explanations, mixed with an adventure story about traveling in the future and fighting machines together with the main character, Teo.

Codeasy is not about immediately getting a job, it is not about going into complex details of every subject, it is all about helping people to get into coding in the easiest possible way.

The course consists of 3 levels by complexity (elementary, beginner, intermediate), and applies a practical approach as well, by immediately putting into practice the theoretical material learned in the lesson. Students will have access to nearly 150 practical tasks, and a code runner at the website to check the tasks and output the result for a student immediately.

In case of any difficulty while solving tasks, Codeasy offers the users automatic hints and live communication via a Slack community where Codeasy mentors and more experienced users help each other.


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Codeasy Courses & Classes

  • This is a detailed, deeper C# course, which assumes that you have finished the Codeasy C# Elementary course. Topics covered: the while loop; methods; arrays; scopes; constants; var keyword; math library in C#; type casts; ref and out modifiers; switch operator

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  • This course offers: • An adventure story mixed with the explanation of basic principles of C# programming is available for the user. Elementary course gives the students general overview of C# basics, gives the opportunity to taste coding. • Main topics covered: C# program structure; basic data types: bool, int, char, double, float; if statement; console input and output; for loop; string manipulations. • Registration…

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  • T final level at Codeasy C# programming course, it dives into the concepts of Object Oriented Programming, sharpens students skills with classes and c# program architecture. Covered topics: difference between a class and an object; basics of access modifiers; static keyword; this and null keywords; properties; encapsulation; exceptions; inheritance; interfaces; polymorphism. More complex C# topics are in the development.

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