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Becoming a developer takes time. Codecool’s 12-month course has been designed building on our many years of experience in the tech sector and extensive research done both among industry players and students. 85% of our graduates say that their training was neither longer nor shorter than needed so we must be doing something right. We don’t do half-baked solutions, quick fixes or shortcuts. Our curriculum is designed so students become well-versed in mainstream programming languages such as Python, Java and Javascript, while gaining sound knowledge of GIT, various databases and agile software development methods like SCRUM. Heading towards to mastery-based learning methods, students can progress at their own pace, only moving on to the next stage once they know everything at their current level.


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  • Our answer to the ever-gaping tech talent shortage is simple. Instead of draining talents, we create new talent pipelines through our immersive, hands-on, customizable developer training. We’re always on the lookout to recruit future coding wizards, eager to start their career in information technology, and turn them into full-stacked junior developers, ready to be deployed anywhere in the world. Who’s an ideal candidate to become…

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