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CodeCore Bootcamp

CodeCore recruits the best and brightest applicants for an intensive, 12-week developer bootcamp in Vancouver, Canada. As Western Canada’s first developer school, the program is taught by seasoned industry experts. The program culminates in a demo day attended by Vancouver’s top technology companies.

CodeCore is designed for novice programmers and is ideal for entrepreneurs without a “technical co-founder”, designers who want to expand their skill set, and professionals looking to transition into a web development career.

CodeCore students will master JavaScript and frameworks like Node.js, React.js and jQuery, HTML5 & CSS, software architecture and object oriented development, Ruby on Rails, popular APIs, design and user experience, and development methodologies.

During the program and after graduation, CodeCore provides ongoing career resources and networking opportunities exposing graduates to Vancouver’s top recruiters and technology companies

CodeCore Bootcamp Courses & Classes

  • AWS is the indisputable leader in the cloud) Computing market and today more and more companies, from startups to well known enterprises are taking advantage of AWS and Cloud Technologies to speed innovation and become more agile. AWS for Developers is a two-day course designed to help you understand the most popular AWS services and to start developing and deploying applications on AWS using modern…

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  • The CodeCore Bootcamp curriculum was developed by our team of industry veterans, who continuously consult with our corporate Hiring Partners to review, update and optimize our program. We teach not just the fundamentals of coding and programming languages, but also offer real-world training in software architecture and development methodologies and processes. Graduates come away with the tools and understanding to communicate and work effectively with…

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  • An introduction to programming fundamentals starting with brief theory on programming basics, working with databases and finally building websites. It is structured to give you a strong foundation to utilize programming in your career. Technologies taught include: Basic JavaScript and jQuery, HTML/CSS, Firebase, Bootstrap, and more.

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