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Coded is Kuwait’s first coding bootcamp, offering full-time and part-time programs in full-stack web development, with a focus on Python and Django. The program is designed for beginners with minimal or no coding background or experience. Coded is partnered with Utah bootcamp Coding Campus, providing both the curriculum and instructors.

Coded offers students an intensive and rigorous curriculum and high quality education that takes them from beginners to junior professional developers within a few weeks.

With a 1:4 instructor to student ratio (Coded’s class size is 12 to 15 students), Coded provides a personal learning experience for every student. Our high caliber instructors and tutors are always available to address any issues facing a student.

Coded also hosts night-time events, talks, and workshops on a variety of tech topics (hardware, software, tech management, digital marketing, and more) so that students have a chance to explore further interests and interact with the local tech community.

Post-graduation, Coded students are offered employment opportunities (internships, part-time or full-time positions) at some of Kuwait’s top tech companies.

After completing the program, Coded Alumni get free access to a co-working space, career advice services, technical mentorship, and exclusive invitations to tech events held at Coded.

If you are interested in founding a tech startup or beginning a career as a coder but lack the technical skills, Coded is the ideal place for you to start your journey. The Coded program is best suited for hard working, driven, and ambitious students ready to take on a new challenge.

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  • An intensive 14 week part-time course aimed at beginners with minimal or no coding experience teaching the fundamentals of full stack web development. Students will build 5 to 7 small projects (gradually increasing in complexity) as they progress through the course. By the end of the course, students will be able to build a multi-platform project from A to Z, master the fundamentals of web…

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