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From San Francisco to Barcelona, CodeOp is a female-led coding school that was created with the sole purpose of supporting women-identified as well as gender queer people’s advancement in technology. To that end, CodeOp offers full stack development and big data engineering bootcamps at our campuses in Barcelona and Kuala Lumpur.

The curricula prioritizes a strong understanding of the foundations of computer science, iterative individual and group work, and rigorous training in leading technologies. While each course focuses on a specific framework, the core curriculum ultimately teaches students how to become adaptive problem-solvers in a changing technical environment.

CodeOp Courses & Classes

  • CodeOp’s premier 6-week Big Data Engineering bootcamp is designed to advance the careers of women who are either working or studying in a technical field. In this course, students learn about the technologies behind the data management and data quality needed to support an organization’s data science workflow. Beginning first with a clear understanding of the use and limitations of traditional data warehousing tools, students…

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  • Over the 6-month course, students will gain hands-on experience with the various stages of the data analysis pipeline from an industry perspective, specifically how to apply various technologies to ingest, model and visualize data insights. Students will work with relational data as well as more complex data types such as baskets of items, time series, graphs, and geospatial information. By the end of the course,…

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  • Full Stack Development

    • $8,870
    • 11 weeks

    CodeOp’s full stack development bootcamp is built to prepare students for careers in the technology industry as entry-level software developers. Students begin the program focused on programming fundamentals, advanced JavaScript, data structures, and algorithms. They learn to develop complete applications using the latest technologies including: Vue, React.js, Node.js, Express, MySQL, Git, Scrum and Heroku. The final weeks focus on developing full-stack applications from scratch and…

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  • CodeOp’s part-time Full Stack Development bootcamp prepares students for careers as entry-level software developers. In the early weeks of the course, students learn programming fundamentals, data structures, algorithms, and advanced JavaScript. Students then develop complete applications using the latest technologies, some of which include Vue, React.js, Node.js, Express, MySQL, Git, Agile methodologies and Heroku. The final weeks have a dual focus, with students developing full-stack…

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