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Coder Foundry offers 12-week immersive programming courses in Fullstack and Mobile Development in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Students learn in-demand technologies, such as .NET, C#, JavaScript, AngularJS, and MVC. Classes are focused on hands-on learning and know that students grasp concepts best by doing rather than simply observing and exploring theory.

Coder Foundry’s immersive courses are for anyone with the passion and the drive to switch careers and learn to be a professional programmer. This program perfect for entrepreneurs, recent college graduates, web designers, and seasoned professionals looking for a kickstart to the next step in their career. Graduates will receive job placement assistance.

Coder Foundry exists to educate; to fill a skill gap that currently exists in the technology sector; to be a champion for the successes and achievements of graduates.

Coder Foundry is committed to training our students to become valuable members of the workforce; to appreciate deadlines and collaboration, to be independently motivated, and to thrive when faced with challenging tasks. Coder Foundry’s bootcamp isn’t college-style learning; rather, it is a practical education that provides the fundamental framework needed for career advancement.

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  • Coder Foundry teaches modern web development to new and experienced programmers. Once a student graduates from our program, we work to find them a new job in web development, the fastest growing profession in the country. Are you a new programmer looking to switch careers, a Computer Science grad working to build a portfolio, or a professional programmer in need of a skills upgrade? Our…

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  • The demand for mobile app development in the enterprise is exploding. Corporate clients and senior management are now requiring native iOS and Android application development from their IT teams. Since 2016 Coder Foundry has been teaching Xamarin, a tool for building cross-platform native applications for iOS, Android, and beyond. Our course was a solid introduction to Xamarin, suitable for new developers. Coder Foundry is expanding…

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