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Codeworks is an immersive coding bootcamp with campuses across several cities worldwide. You can attend their courses in-person at one of the available locations, or remotely from wherever you are. Programs include 8-week and 12-week full-time software engineering and full-stack web development courses.

All programs cover HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node, Express, Angular, and React, as well as SQL and NoSQL databases. The 12-week course also covers DevOps, continuous deployment, and systems architecture.

The courses are divided into two sections: theory and advanced programming topics, and applied learning through building complete products. Codeworks aims to help students build complex apps and gain an advanced understanding of JavaScript. Graduates should be able to build entire applications and contribute to coding projects of any size.

Codeworks is tailored for people at any level with a three-part program process. To apply, candidates must first pass an admission challenge. Applicants with no previous coding experience are offered a remote intro course which covers programming fundamentals, basic JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and more. Once admitted into the program, students complete an 8-week, remote pre-course covering intermediate programming topics like jQuery, Git, Developer tools, and intro to APIs. Once students pass the pre-course, they can start the main programming course.

All Codeworks programs include hiring events at the end of the course, including portfolio preparation and tech interview training. Finally, all graduates receive lifelong career support, and become part of an international network of alumni and partner companies.


Codeworks Courses & Classes

  • This is the Codeworks flagship course, and the most complete way to get your engineering career started. Throughout the twelve weeks you learn all the skills of a professional programmer and get to build three projects of growing complexity. The course includes one week of career orientation, interview training, and introduction to hiring partners. At the end of the program you’re able to make entire…

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  • Web Development Immersive

    • € 6,500
    • 8 weeks

    This program gives you the preparation to become a solid web programmer. Throughout the eight weeks you learn all the fundamentals of functional programming and get to build one personal project. The course includes two days of career orientation, interview training, and introductions to hiring partners. At the end of the program you’re able to build full-stack applications and understand advanced coding topics.This is our…

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