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CodingSchool at ThoughtSTEM

If you live in San Diego, is 100% free and always will be. The only cost is your time. At least once per week, you’ll have to come in to class (physically, not online). The minimum commitment is 2 hours per week.

The curriculum is designed to provide the equivalent of an undergraduate education in computer science. You’ll take exactly the same courses that a university-level computer science major would take.

You’ll be in a cohort of other adult learners. Our head instructor (Stephen R. Foster, Ph.D.) will meet with you in person.

We’ll also give you opportunities to get hands-on experience working with real software engineers. You’ll build your portfolio by working on various globally distributed software products.

Plus: If you’re seeking a career as a programmer, we’ll do everything we can to help you find a job. That includes resume crafting, networking, interview coaching, etc

Okay, so how is this all free?

Ever since 2012, we’ve taught coding classes to kids in San Diego (under the organization ThoughtSTEM). We teach at over 40 schools and have hundreds of students every week. When you enroll in, part of your education will be to help us teach at our classes.

In other words:

We get paid to teach kids. We’ll teach you if you help us teach them.

It’s good for us. It’s good for you. And it’s good for the San Diego community.

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