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Craftsmanship Academy

Craftsmanship Academy is a model program for training future software craftsmen. This is not your typical Coding Bootcamp.

The Academy is founded on the belief that the best way to become a software craftsman is to learn from recognized software craftsmen who have proven their ability to train apprentices. Students of the Academy are immersed in a real software studio in Holly Springs, NC. The Academy is broken into three phases: skills immersion, apprenticeship, and residency.

We are looking for people who already have demonstrated some basic skills in programming (whether through training in academic or bootcamps, side jobs, personal projects) and recognize they still have a lot to learn.

During skills immersion, there are little to no tutorials. Students will be given instruction and projects to guide the cementing of skills and good software development habits. They will learn test-driven development and object-oriented thinking skills. They will learn application development for both the web and mobile applications and understand concepts needed to architect systems that use both. Yes, many technologies will be used including Ruby, Rails, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, no-SQL, Swift, and Java, but that is not the point. They will also be introduced to data structures, design patterns, agile software development, and much more. The goal here is not just to get the skills to get a job but to take some basic skills already learned and take them to the next level in the context of a journey into professional software craftsmanship.

Students who successfully complete the skills immersion matriculate to a 3-6 month paid apprenticeship with guided learning and developing real-world projects under the supervision of acknowledged craftsmen. Finally, those who successfully complete the Apprenticeship phase will matriculate into a further 3-9 month paid residency at RoleModel where more projects and learning will continue.

Successful completion of the “course” is expected to end in full-time placement at RoleModel (with performance bonuses and other benefits) or referrals to other Craftsmanship-minded shops.

The intent of Craftsmanship Academy is not to get a certificate, but to begin and guide the journey of Software Craftsmanship, preferably through RoleModel Software. As such, the school is highly selective and scholarships are available to the right candidate(s). Successful participants in the program will have gained everything he or she needs to begin a successful Software Craftsmanship journey.


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