Designation is an immersive digital design program located in Chicago, IL. Over 12 at-home weeks and 12 in-person weeks, designers learn the full stack of design skills. With instruction in UX, IxD, and UI, students have the opportunity to research, practice, and present their work. Experience at Designation Labs offers students the ability to put their skills to work for real-world clients, preparing them to deliver for employers. The work they complete during the program also serves as a portfolio for post-graduation.

With over 95% of Designation’s 500 graduates achieving design jobs within 6 months, and an average salary increase of over 60%, it is clear that Designation can be a career-defining education, capable of launching professionals from every professional background into successful digital design careers.

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DESIGNATION Courses & Classes

  • Get ready for the most intense experience of your life. Students come from all over the world to participate in the DESIGNATION Design bootcamp. Intended for aspiring UI designers UX practitioners, our 18 week program is perfect for people who possess a natural curiosity about the way things work, and are constantly looking for ways to make them better. Join us in our immersive, intensive…

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