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Eleven Fifty Coding Academy

Eleven Fifty Academy is a non-profit coding academy whose mission is to create an ecosystem of coding talent to benefit an individual, their employer, and their community.

Our immersive, hands-on, project-centric courses last from 2 days to 12 weeks and include lunch, snacks, drinks and fun experiences outside the classroom.

Our academy offers two specific types of courses. Our SkillUp courses last from 2 days – 5 days and focus on a specific language course. A student with programming fundamentals can enhance his or her skills in WordPress, Microsoft .NET, and JavaScript.

Our SmartStart programs include a three-week foundations program in which you can ramp up your fundamentals of programming by starting with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. A student can also take a twelve week language specific course which includes the fundamentals and learning of a new language or framework while building soft skills to help with business acumen. Our WordPress immersive program starts with the basics of editing on the world’s most used website building platform to custom development of websites.

We are accepting GI Bill funds for our JavaScript and .Net bootcamps.

For more information please, contact us: info@elevenfifty.org or give us a call 855-925-1150


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Eleven Fifty Coding Academy Courses & Classes

  • About the Course: Our one-day weekend Introduction to Coding course is the perfect way to start your coding journey. Not having coding or programming experience shouldn’t stop you from starting your journey to becoming a coder and changing your life. This course is all about learning the basics of coding and laying the groundwork for your future. Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites for this course….

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  • JavaScript is all about coding for the user. Build robust, interactive, and beautiful websites. Develop new robotics. Create mobile applications and games for the masses. The ElevenFifty JavaScript SmarStart course is all about mastering the skills of coding, so you can follow your imagination and pursue your passions. This comprehensive learning program provides you with a complete experience. You’ll form lasting friendships with your fellow…

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  • Microsoft .NET is one of the most in-demand skills. It’s the backbone of everything running online and on your computer. The .NET Framework is like a toolbox full of the different tools you’ll need to build, maintain, create, and establish anything having to do with applications. The ElevenFifty Microsoft .NET SmarStart course is all about mastering the Framework, so you can build the applications and…

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