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At Elewa we remember learning to become developers, for some of us it wasn’t even a year ago! It felt like we spent more time finding what we needed to learn and where to learn those skills than we did actually learning them.

Covering the basics of JavaScript wasn’t hard, there’s hundreds of great resources that teach this. Learning new libraries, tools or frameworks also wasn’t difficult, it seems like every developer is releasing a tutorial for their favorite tools!

What we found difficult was tying it all together into a unified skill-set. With the great variety of opinions and resources it felt impossible to figure out what was most important, or what we should learn first.

We believe that no one should have to study alone, and that everyone should have access to quality, open learning materials. Our instructors have worked hard to embed their professional experience into the design & delivery of this curriculum, we hope this helps you reach your goals!

Elewa Bootcamps Courses & Classes

  • The true focus of our course is how to think in abstractions, construct solutions, identify separation of concerns, divide work for collaboration, use pseudocode and other visualizations … In short, how to use code effectively. Skills like these are usually taught after students have begun to master their language. From our experience and research we have learned that these skills can, and should, be learned…

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