Faculty (formerly ASI Fellowship) is a highly selective 8 week programme in data science and data engineering for outstanding PhD graduates and post-doctorates from UK, Europe and US top universities.

Since 2014, we have run eight Fellowships with 120+ alumni who now work as data scientists or data engineers. 5 – 10% of STEM PhD graduates in the UK now apply to the Fellowship.

The programme is completely free for Fellows. Fellows receive specialist technical skills and soft skills training, whilst undertaking real industry projects with partner companies. Fellows are better prepared for technical roles in industry whilst partner companies benefit from risk-free cutting-edge data innovation and better hiring decisions.

Transition to data science through real world projects. We believe best learning comes from doing. Our curriculum is delivered in-house by the ASI team consists of experienced data scientists and data engineers and business professionals. Workshops cover practical knowledge in delivering data science projects, machine learning, data engineering and soft-skills such as presentation skills, interview techniques and mentorship.

Faculty Courses & Classes