First Step Coding classes

First Step Coding

This is a unique part-time bootcamp PREP program designed to teach coding fundamentals and help students earn entrance into a top immersive bootcamp. Thanks to their partnerships with 8+ bootcamps, this program can be completely free for eligible students!

In just 4 weeks, students will be ready to pass coding challenges at the most selective bootcamps. First Step Coding graduates have been admitted to App Academy, Hack Reactor, Rithm School, Galvanize, Berkeley’s extension program, Flatiron School, Fullstack Academy, General Assembly, and other great programs.

Classes are in-person or online and capped at just 14 students with a 6:1 or better ratio of students to teachers. Hands-on pair programming exercises make up the bulk of class time.

First Step Coding partners currently include: Actualize, App Academy, Coding Temple, Flatiron School, Hack Reactor, Launch Academy, Level, Redwood Code Academy, Rithm School.

After taking this course, students will be able to solve common coding problems with JavaScript, approach problems with an engineering mindset, speak like a programmer, find answers quickly by mastering foundational terminologies and tools, tap into a real API to manipulate real data, and more!

First Step Coding Courses & Classes

  • Bootcamp Prep

    • $1,999
    • 8 weeks

    Bootcamp Prep is an 8-week part-time course designed to help you achieve three goals: 1) Learn the fundamentals of coding in JavaScript, HTML, & CSS. 2) Find out for sure if you truly enjoy coding and show promise as a developer. 3) Get admitted to a top bootcamp to build on your skills & become a software engineer! This course is divided up into a…

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  • This course is designed for complete beginners to coding. You’ll be able to call yourself “code literate” and comfortable with the fundamentals of JavaScript, HTML, & CSS. This is a highly tuned, fast-paced program. At the end of just four weeks, you’ll be able to: • Learn the fundamentals of coding in JavaScript, HTML, & CSS • Gain an intimate understanding of how applications interface…

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